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7 Best Sony Cameras in 2020

Japan is rich in top-notch manufacturers which make the world around us more convenient. It’s the motherland of such giants as Nikon and Canon. A multinational conglomerate corporation Sony was also born in this land of the rising sun.

Sony was founded in 1946 and now it is aimed at manufacturing of various electronic products. Since 1996 cameras have also become a part of Sony production. Thus, on today’s market you can come across different Sony digital cameras such as point-and-shoot, DSLR as well as mirrorless models.

Here you can find the list of the best Sony cameras and read about their key options and unique features thanks to which they stand out from others.

7 Best Sony Cameras You Can Find in 2020

Sony RX100 VII

A Dazzling Performance Followed by an Equally Dazzling Price

sony rx100 vii
Sony offers a lot of high-quality cameras in its portfolio and RX100 series with its latest Mark VII iteration is certainly one of the better-positioned members of that “squad”. It is compact, fast and offers excellent video quality; characteristics appreciated by an every true camera fan.
Sony RX100 VII comes equipped with an excellent one-inch 20MP Exmor RS Stacked BSI-CMOS sensor (the same one you can find on Mark VI) and the equally amazing 24-200mm f/2.8-4.5 Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens that is the main reason for its crisp and detailed video and photo image. Moreover, this camera is fitted with retractable EVF with a 2.36 million-dot resolution, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and most importantly Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF that are the key reason for its super-fast 0.02 seconds auto-focus performance.

This camera supports 30fps 4K recording and 120fps 1080p recording and allows for burst shooting at respectable 20fps and impressive 90fps in single Burst Shooting Mode. Also, it will let you capture high-speed videos with 1000fps rate, which makes it ideal for extreme sports lovers who like to record their every stunt.

Although impressive, Sony RX100 VII still has a few drawbacks. First of all, it’s the high price, as well as not that great ergonomic shape and lack of ND filter that makes capturing videos in bright light quite difficult. Nevertheless, this camera is one of the best there is and without a doubt the best compact Sony camera there is.


  • Excellent 4K video
  • Amazing AF speed

  • Modest battery life

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Sony a7 III

Great Sony Camera for YouTube Videos

sony a7 iii
Do you prefer mirrorless cameras? Sony a7 III is a good one to consider. This camera comes with advanced 24.2mp 35mm Exmor CMOS full-frame image sensor provided with a back-illuminated design. Note that Sony a7 III has an interchangeable lens.

Its sensitivity range reaches up to ISO 51,200 and can get expanded up to ISO 50-204,800 for stills. As well as RX100 VI this model supports 4K video mode. There is also fast hybrid AF with 693 phase-detection and 425 contrast detection AF points. In addition, there is face detection focusing. Still, its shooting speed isn’t very impressive and reaches only up to 10 fps but there is a great 5-axis image stabilization which prevents images from blurs caused by camera trembling and shaking.

Sony a7 III has an articulating touch screen which is convenient in use. This mirrorless camera is provided with the environmental sealing, so it won’t get stuck in the rain. There is also a built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. Thus, you can immediately share taken photos with your family or friends.


  • uncropped 4K video recording
  • articulating touch screen
  • environmental sealing
  • built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • 2 storage slots
  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • wide sensitivity range
  • long battery life (610 shots)

  • only one UHS-II card slot
  • expensive
  • heavy body

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Sony a9 II

The Best Sony Camera There Is

sony a9 ii
If you want the best of the best and have no limitations considering your budget, Sony a9 II is the ideal option for you. This camera will give you everything that you need and much more: 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, 1Gbps Ethernet connection, USB3.1 connection, two UHS-II SD card slots, excellent image quality, excellent handgrip, etc.

Sony a9 II comes with 24.2-megapixel 35 mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory, like its predecessor, as well as a brand new Sony’s BIONZ X- image processor and LSI chip that raise its overall performance to unbelievable heights. Moreover, this camera offers advanced image stabilization and an excellent auto-focus feature that, thanks to the algorithm changes, allows much faster and, more importantly, more accurate focusing. Also, its AF function offers Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF that makes it very practical for capturing action moments of humans or animals.

Sony a9 II offers 20fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking, comes with solid battery life, it supports for ISO 100 to a maximum of ISO 51,200 and altogether has no major flaws, except for the price.

In other words, if you want the best Sony camera and one of the best cameras on the market in general, and you have a huge budget at your disposal, Sony a9 II is a choice that simply cannot disappoint you.


  • 20fps continuous shooting
  • Good connectivity
  • Excellent image quality

  • Expensive

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Sony CyberShot RX10 IV

Great All-in-one Point-and-shoot Camera

sony cyber‑shot rx10 iv
RX10 IV is one of the best Sony point-and-shoot cameras. It’s a good option for video recording as this camera has got a set of useful features which includes 4K6 mode and Fast Hybrid AF system. Such combination allows achieving fast and accurate focusing speed and AF tracking for video. By the way, 4K6 mode has full pixel readout without pixel binning. It means that this Sony point-and-shoot camera is able to capture approximately 1.7x more information than is required for 4K6 movie output.

Except for high-quality videos, Sony Cyber‑Shot RX10 IV offers smooth photos as it is equipped with image stabilization. In addition, its ultra-fast AF acquisition with a 315 point phase-detection AF system provides accurate focusing.

This Sony item has also got powerful 24-600mm ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens the minimum focusing distance of which is 2.36 ft (72cm). Such characteristics guarantee great detailed tele-macro images.


  • Sensor: BSI-CMOS
  • Megapixels: 20.1 mp
  • MMax ISO: 12,800 (expandable to: 25,600)
  • Shooting Speed: 24 fps continuous shooting

  • high image quality
  • super-fast AF
  • powerful ultra-zoom lens
  • 4K6 mode
  • super slow-motion mode
  • super-speed Anti-Distortion Shutter
  • image stabilization
  • built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth
  • long battery life
  • environmental sealing

  • expensive
  • Hybrid AF system not optimized for video
  • heavy body
  • limited articulation of touchscreen (only up or down)

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Sony Alpha 7R IV

The Best All-around Sony Camera for Both Professionals and Enthusiasts

sony alpha 7r iv
Finding a high-quality camera among the Sony devices is something rather usual; however, finding one that offers great image quality, excellent autofocus and great versatility, narrows the search a bit, and the first name that should come to your mind in that case, is Sony Alpha 7R IV.

This is a camera that is multifunctional and offers images with great dynamic range and excellent sharpness, but unfortunately, costs a lot of money. Nevertheless, the level of its image quality proves that it is worth it.

Sony Alpha 7R IV comes with an exceptional 61.2MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor and Sony BIONZ x processor that is responsible for the high-quality noise reduction. Moreover, it is equipped with 5.76M dot OLED viewfinder, two SD UHS-II slots, and offers decent connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connections.

More importantly, this device can create 4K video in full sensor width or with the APS-C/Super 35 crop (however, only in 30fps rate) and supports for four of 16-shot high-resolution photography that allows for the creation of images that are up to 240MP in size. Furthermore, it provides for 10fps burst shooting and comes fitted with an excellent hybrid auto-focus (567 Phase detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points), as well as Real-time tracking and Real-time Eye-tracking that are delivering the extremely sharp and detailed image.

Overall, if you want the best Sony camera, Sony Alpha 7R IV is pretty much the top of the offering and more importantly, a device that will amaze you.


  • Excellent resolution
  • Great AF
  • Easy handling

  • Only 30fps 4K recording
  • Expensive

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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX500

The Best Budget Sony Camera

sony cybershot dsc-wx500
One more compact camera with a reasonable price is Sony Cyber-Shot DS-WX500. It has a BIONZ X-series image processor and a backside-illuminated Exmor R-branded CMOS image sensor with 18.2-megapixel resolution. Such combination guarantees production of accurate and sharp images.

What is more, there is five-axis Optical SteadyShot image stabilization which is responsible for the reduction of blurs caused by camera shake or vibration at slower shutter speeds. Thus, your shots will be always smoothed and clear.

This model has ISO range from 80 to 3200 equivalents. By the by, there is an option of Auto ISO mode as well as custom white balance with 8 presets. As to the video mode, its spectrum isn’t so wide and reaches only 1600 equivalents. Besides, keep in mind that video mode supports only Auto ISO control. Still, you have a chance to change the settings to ISO of up to 3,200 equivalents just by turning High Sensitivity mode on.

Sony Cyber-Shot DS-WX500 provides only contrast-detection automatic focusing. Thus, you won’t be able to use manual focus. On the whole, this Sony point and shoot camera has an option of close focusing which can reach up to two inches (i.e. 5cm) distance between the camera and the subject.

It is also rich in scene modes which include landscape, sunset, night Scene, night portrait, advanced sports shooting and others. Picture effect functions are available as well and involve retro photo, soft high-key, partial color, pop color, etc. Besides, there is Intelligent Sweep Panorama function for full 360-degree panoramas.

Video recording presupposes Full HD and XAVC S-compressed 50Mbps records at up to 60 fps. As to the general shooting speed it can reach 10 fps. There are also options of Wi-Fi and NFC.

Sony Cyber-Shot DS-WX500 has a 3.0-inch LCD display with a five-step manual brightness adjustment. Its articulation mechanism allows a monitor to be tilted upwards to full 180-degrees for self-portrait shooting.


  • Sensor: 1/2.3-inch BSI-CMOS
  • Megapixels: 18 MP
  • Max ISO: 12,800
  • Shooting Speed: 10 fps

  • long battery life
  • manual exposure
  • 720mm Good Tele Lens
  • image stabilization
  • articulating screen
  • built-in Wi-Fi and NFC
  • remote control with a smartphone
  • light body

  • no external flash shoe
  • no environmental sealing
  • no manual focusing
  • no RAW shooting
  • no built-in viewfinder

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Sony Alpha a6400

A More Budget-Oriented Sony Camera

sony alpha a6400
If you are after a solid Sony camera that offers a lot of customization options, great auto-focus and overall delivers a good-quality photo and video, Sony Alpha a6400 is the device for you. Although it isn’t cheap, it is still much more affordable than, for instance, Sony Alpha 7R IV or Sony a9 II; therefore, it’s much more budget-oriented and with a pretty good value for the money.

Sony Alpha a6400 is equipped with a 24MP APS-C sensor and a new Bionz X processor, that are the most responsible for its quality image delivery, as well as amazing auto-focus with 425-pt phase detection and Real-Time Tracking that is doing miracles for a wide variety of Sony cameras.

This camera offers good connectivity with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC and a rather disappointing SD slot compatibility, since the slot supports only UHS-I standard. Moreover, a6400 allows for 30fps 4K recording and 11fps burst shooting and offers decent ISO range from 100 to 3200.

On the other hand, this camera lacks the in-body stabilization and RAW processing; nevertheless, it offers many useful features such as great battery life, USB charging, weather-proof design, slow motion 1080p video, and most importantly, detailed and color-accurate imagery.

Altogether, Sony Alpha a6400 isn’t a perfect device. However, if you want the best budget Sony camera, be aware that this one offers pretty much the best ratio of features and the price.


  • Great customization options
  • Amazing auto-focus
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent 4K video

  • No in-body stabilization
  • slot is only UHS-I compatible
  • No RAW processing

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