10 Best Outdoor Projectors in 2020

Choosing the adequate outdoor projector for your backyard entertainment can be a tricky task, especially if your knowledge in the matter is limited or non-existent. However, with a little bit of knowledge, it is achievable and all that separates you from the best outdoor projector is in the following lines that will give you proper instructions and tell you which characteristics you should pay your closest attention to.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Projector

There are numerous factors that decide whether a certain outdoor projector is good or bad. However, only a few of these attributes play a decisive role and those are:

Level of brightness

One of the most important outdoor projector’s characteristics is definitely its brightness, mostly because it is responsible for the clarity of the image itself and therefore, crucial for user experience. For instance, 1000 Lumens is good enough for fully dark rooms, while 2000 Lumens is the least brightness you would need for decent outdoor viewing. However, if you are into great image quality and you are not willing to accept compromises in this department, 3000 Lumens or more is the value you should be looking for.


Although the supported resolution of outdoor projectors isn’t as important as the resolution of their indoor counterparts, fact is that it is still pretty important for image crispness. Therefore, don’t let for the resolution to be your decisive argument for purchase; however, don’t forget about it and make sure that it is the highest possible, depending on your budget.

Ports Diversity

Diversity of ports usually means better versatility of the projector and therefore, its better usability. In other words, a variety of connectivity options is always a welcome bonus.

10 Best Outdoor Projectors

Optoma HD27HDR

An Outdoor Projector Perfect for Movie Nights in Your Backyard

optoma hd27hdr
If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor projector, with numerous features and 4K compatibility, Optoma HD27HDR is the perfect device for you.

Although it isn’t among the most affordable ones and has only the 1080p native resolution (4K materials are downscaled to Full HD), this projector still presents a great deal, mostly because of its excellent image quality, with rich and accurate colors, good black levels, and more importantly, excellent contrast. Moreover, this projector offers great 3D and HDR10 performance and comes equipped with a lamp that has a brightness of 3400 Lumens, which is less than it’s ViewSonic PG800HD counterpart, but still pretty impressive.

Along with that, Optoma HD27HDR is fitted with two 10W speakers that, although modest, still provide enough sound for most occasions. It also has two limited, but functional HDMI outputs and one USB port. Furthermore, this projector comes with a low input lag of around 16.4 ms and offers a decent 50,000:1 contrast ratio.

All in all, if you are looking for the best outdoor movie projector, Optoma HD27HDR will surely satisfy your every need. However, if gaming is your primary concern, some other models will be a much better option.


  • Feature-rich
  • Good color accuracy
  • 3D compatible

  • It lacks a noise reduction feature
  • Pricey

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Anker Nebula Mars II Pro

A Highly Versatile and Portable Outdoor Projector

anker nebula mars ii pro
Anker Nebula Mars II Pro is one of those devices that won’t impress you with its performance, but its great practicality and versatility that almost have no match among the other projectors.

This device certainly isn’t the best projector for outdoor movies or games, because of its not-that-great 500 Lumens lamp and modest 720p resolution. However it is highly portable and independent thanks to its compact build and built-in 12,500mAh rechargeable battery (it allows for around three hours of work) that allow for its use in almost any space, whether it is a beach, backyard or a parking lot. Moreover, this projector supports for projections on screens at up to 150-inches of size (it shows the best results with projections on screens between 80 and 100 inches) and comes equipped with two 10W speakers that provide more than a decent audio experience.

When talking about connectivity, Nebula Mars II Pro comes with an HDMI port, USB3.0 port, audio jack and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. It is fitted with Android 7.1. and supports for streaming of services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime; nevertheless, it lacks the Google play support, which limits its overall potential a bit.

In other words, Nebula Mars II Pro is a solid product, intended for occasional night projections, even at the most remote locations, and altogether great option for night gatherings and parties.


  • Portable
  • Good speakers

  • It lacks Google play
  • Not the best brightness

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Optoma HD143X

A Low-Lag Outdoor Projector Ideal for Long Gaming Sessions

optoma hd143x
If you are a fan of outdoor gaming and are really appreciative of excellent image quality, Optoma HD143X is the ultimate option for you. Yes, it lacks the 4K support and its price isn’t that low; nevertheless, you will be more than pleased with what you get.

There is a lamp with the brightness of 3000 Lumens and 12000 hours of life expectancy, good enough even for the daylight projections, high contrast of 23000:1 and low input lag of 16.4 ms that makes it an ideal option for die-hard gamers. More importantly, this projector delivers an image of the highest quality, with accurate colors and sense of depth that guarantee for a great visual experience.

Optoma HD143X has a native 1080p resolution, offers good 3D performance and supports for work on projector screens at up to 301 inches in size. Also, it is supplied with two HDMI ports and one USB port for limited, but good enough connectivity and mono 10W speaker that offers decent audio quality, but lacks a bit more punch.

Optoma HD143X is easy to install and use and in general, it represents one of the best outdoor projectors available, ideal for users who are looking for a premium image quality and overall positive user experience.


  • Low 16.4 ms lag
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy install

  • Not the best audio quality

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An Outdoor Projector with a Great Value for the Money

benq mh535fhd
Finding a device with good image quality and a decent set of features, at a fair price, is what the majority of outdoor projection fans want, and BenQ MH535FHD really stands up to that expectations.

It offers native 1080p resolution, good 15000:1 contrast ration and great brightness of 3600 Lumens that provides crystal clear image as a result, with accurate colors and good black levels. Unfortunately, its 2W speaker is bellow standards for this class of device, but luckily, it presents the only larger flaw of this otherwise great projector.

BenQ MH535FHD supports for projections at screens at up to 100 inches in size and offers five different aspect ratios. Its UHP lamp has a life expectancy of around 10000 hours, while its connectivity, with three D-Sub connectors, two HDMIs and one Composite connection significantly adds to its overall versatility and puts it high above the competition in that department.

All in all, BenQ MH535FHD is an excellent device for the money and among the best outdoor movie projectors, you can stumble upon.


  • Good connectivity
  • Quiet performance
  • Good brightness

  • Not the most intuitive interface

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Anker Nebula Capsule II

A Highly Practical Pocket-Sized Outdoor Projector

anker nebula capsule ii
Anker Nebula Capsule II is a device that offers modest performance and basic features, but on the other hand comes with great portability, practicality, and good connectivity.

Its brightness is limited to the modest 200 Lumens, which is good enough for a decent image, but nothing that would impress you, which can also be said about its native 720p resolution and a bit of a high price.

On the other hand, Nebula Capsule II offers great connectivity, with HDMI and USB ports and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, this projector is equipped with a Chromecast that allows easy streaming from your mobile devices or computers and 8W speaker that isn’t much but certainly adds to the overall projectors value.

Anker Nebula Capsule II has an Android TV 9.0 OS and thanks to it, supports more than 3600 different apps including YouTube, Hulu, Twitch, etc. This projector also supports Netflix, but unfortunately only though the Nebula Manager app and offers projections on screens of up to 100 inches in size. Also, it is supplied with a battery that has a two-and-a-half-hour battery life, which provides it much-needed independence and presents one of the key selling points of the device.

Altogether, Anker Nebula Capsule II is not a perfect device and surely cannot be considered for the best outdoor projector. However, it offers great portability and versatility and overall is ideal for users who are constantly on the move but still want to enjoy the benefits of the projector screening.


  • Good portability
  • Excellent connectivity

  • Limited brightness
  • Expensive
  • No 3D support

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ViewSonic PG800HD

A Professional Outdoor Projector that Will Impress You on Every Step

viewsonic pg800hd
If amazing picture quality, followed by a great set of features and excellent connectivity, is the most important projectors characteristics for you, ViewSonic PG800HD should be your top choice.

This professional outdoor projector offers everything that a more demanding user might need. There is an amazing 5000 Lumens brightness, great 50000:1 contrast ratio and a staggering variety of connectivity options (two HDMIs, LAN port, S-Video, Composite connection, two D-Sub connectors, etc.). Along with that, this projector offers a native 1080p resolution, 1.3x optical zoom and a very respectable three-year warranty.

More importantly, ViewSonic PG800HD delivers excellent image quality, with great color accuracy thanks to the implementation of the 6-segment color wheel and exceptional audio reproduction with its two 10W speakers and their massive chamber. Moreover, this device delivers good 3D performance, it supports projections at screens that are up to 300 inches in size and allows for remote management through Crestron e-Control system and RoomView Express management software.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides, such as the lack of Wi-Fi, short lamp life of 2500 hours and high price. However, if you are looking for the sheer top of the offering and the best outdoor projector there is, ViewSonic PG800HD should be your number one choice without a doubt.


  • Amazing connectivity
  • Excellent picture quality

  • Expensive
  • Short lamp life of 2500 hours

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Epson VS355

A Feature-Rich Outdoor Projector at a Fair Price

epson vs355
Finding a decent outdoor projector with the proper combination of features, versatility and price is not an easy task; however, Epson VS355 delivers exactly that.

Although it has a modest native WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and mediocre 1W integrated speaker, everything else about this product is actually pretty good. It offers brightness of 3000 Lumens, which is good enough even for the daylight projections, has a solid 15000:1 contrast ratio and supports projections on screens that are up to 320 inches in size.

More importantly, Epson VS355 delivers excellent connectivity (there are a USB port, HDMI, D-Sub, Composite, S-Video and many other connection types) and a decent lamp life of around 10000 hours, which is up to the class standards.

All in all, Epson VS355 is not a device that will impress you; however, if you want a great versatility and good performance, this is surely one of the best outdoor projectors you can get.


  • Good connectivity
  • Excellent brightness

  • Modest 800p native resolution
  • Weak 1W integrated speaker

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BenQ MH760

An Outdoor Projector Built for People Who Expect Only the Best

benq mh760
BenQ MH760 is an outdoor projector with excellent characteristics that include: brightness of 5000 Lumens, two highly capable 10W speakers and great connectivity, with LAN port, D-Sub, S-Video and Composite connection and two HDMI ports and one USB connection. Along with that, this device offers 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p native resolution, and most importantly, IMAX quality image. In other words, its picture is crystal clear, with realistic colors that come as a result of implementing BrilliantColor Technology and the interchangeable six-segment color wheel.

Moreover, BenQ MH760 comes with a Blu-ray 3D support and offers easy setup, which will be appreciated by both experienced users and newbies.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides such as its lamp life of only 2000 hours, and of course, a hefty price tag. However, if you want the best outdoor projector that can bring a lot of entertainment to your home, the BenQ MH760 outdoor projector is an amazing choice.


  • Excellent brightness
  • Sharp image
  • Good connectivity

  • Expensive

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ViewSonic PA503W

A Budget-Friendly Device Designed for a Great Home Entertainment

viewsonic pa503w
If your budget is one of your main concerns, but you still want to find a decent device that will offer good outdoor projection experience, ViewSonic PA503W is the gadget you should pay your attention to.

Although its native 800p resolution or poor audio aren’t things to brag about, its overall value for the money certainly is. There is a lamp with 15000 hours of life expectancy and 3600 Lumens of brightness, good connectivity (one HDMI port, three D-Sub connectors, Composite connection, etc.) and on top of that, a pretty convincing three-year warranty.

More importantly, its image is sharp, with pretty accurate colors, but unfortunately, not some great black levels – they seem a bit washed.

Nevertheless, if you prefer the screens that are up to 100 inches in size and just want to occasionally enjoy movies in the commodity of your patio, ViewSonic PA503W is the optimal choice and probably the best outdoor movie projector for such a purpose.


  • Competitive price
  • Good connectivity
  • Decent image quality

  • Poor audio quality
  • Only WXGA native resolution

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GooDee YG600

A Highly Affordable Outdoor Projector Perfect for Casual Backyard Entertainment

goodee yg600
Affordable price and decent performance are what the most users are expecting from their outdoor projectors, and GooDee YG600 provides just that.

It offers a good three-year warranty, the excellent lamp life expectancy of 30000 hours and support for screens from 44 to 200 inches. Moreover, it brings decent connectivity, with dual HDMI, D-Sub, AV, dual USB and MicroSD slot, compatibility with Fire TV stick, and most importantly, a pretty solid and sharp image.

Although its native resolution is only 768p, GooDee YG600 also supports 1080p inputs and offers both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios and 3000:1 contrast ratio. All in all, pretty solid specifications for the device of this price.

However, there are also some downsides such as its built-in dual 3W speakers’ deficient performance, but more importantly limited brightness of 4200 Lux or around 120 Lumens. Nevertheless, since GooDee YG600 is a LED-based projector, so such a small brightness doesn’t affect its performance in the same manner as DLP projectors and the resulted picture is of acceptable quality.

Altogether, even though it isn’t the best outdoor projector, YG600 still offers a lot for this price, and it generally represents a pretty good option and a rather satisfying alternative to the more expensive models.


  • Decent connectivity
  • Cheap
  • Good brightness

  • Low 768p native resolution
  • Limited brightness of around 120 Lumens

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If you are ready to make your autumn days fun with movies or games outside, we are sure that one of the products from our guide will be your perfect match. Check them out, pick your priorities, and enjoy!