The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro support fast wireless charging, as well as rapid wired charging, and Google did an excellent job with both, but which one supplies the most power? The answer might be a bit surprising and lead to a new way of thinking about overnight and mid-day charging.

Google gave the Pixel 6 series excellent, big batteries, 4614 and 5003 milliamp-hours, which is among the largest for smartphones with a slim design. That means either the phone can easily make it through a long day with power to spare in most cases. Google mentions an average battery life of 34 hours with third-party testing on default settings. When Extreme Battery Saver is enabled, the Pixel 6 series might last up to 48 hours.

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Charging speeds are a bit less critical since the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro sport such long-lasting batteries. Even so, when traveling, a quick charge at a waypoint might be essential to enjoying a nice, long trip. Even day-to-day charging is better when a fast top-up ensures a full day of use. Google gave its latest phones fast wired charging, with the Pixel 6 reaching up to 21 watts and the Pixel 6 Pro going a bit faster at 23 watts when using Google’s 30-watt charger. When using a lower capacity charger or one that uses a standard other than USB Power Delivery 3.0 with Programmable Power Supply, Google notes that wireless charging speeds vary depending on the method used. The Pixel 6 series is compatible with Qi wireless chargers and the new Pixel Stand 2.

Pixel 6 Wireless Charging Vs. Wired

Google Pixel 6 charging on a Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

When charging a Pixel 6 series phone with a Qi charger, the maximum possible supply to the mobile is 12 watts, which is a little more than half the speed of optimal wired charging. So if there isn’t much time available before leaving for the day, plugging in will result in a much higher battery level than when using a Qi charger. There is another option, however. The Pixel Stand 2 breaks through the wireless speed barrier by delivering up to 21 watts to the Pixel 6 and 23 watts to the larger Pixel 6 Pro. That’s the same power capacity that the 30-watt wired charger provides, eliminating the worry that the ease of wireless might result in a shorter battery life.

So wired and wireless both reach maximum charging speeds when using Google’s preferred chargers. The Pixel Stand 2 has some nice extras, such as the ability to charge Pixel Buds simultaneously as a Pixel 6. The stand supports Qi charging as well, so it can be powering up another device while the Pixel 6 is in use. When the Pixel 6 is docked with the Pixel Stand 2, it enters a special mode that is similar to the experience of a Nest Hub, with Google Photo slideshow, alarm clock options, Google Assistant access and more, while the device charges. Combined with charging as fast as wired, this makes wireless charging a Pixel 6 with the Pixel Stand 2 a very compelling offer.